Wellness On the Spot (formerly On the Spot Massage) has over 20 years of experience, devotion, and the joy of offering chair massage, wellness and mobile spa services to Bay Area companies, workplaces and events.

You can get to know us by ordering our Wellness services to your place, or visiting one of our Relaxation Stations, conveniently located at local retail places.


Bringing the ultimate benefit of wellness into everyday life by providing professional, affordable and dependable holistic wellness services.


Helping wellness practitioners and clients to thrive, connecting them with each other through our modern platform.


• Offer convenient and rejuvenating wellness services delivered on location and at our drop in locations.

• Deliver chair massage and yoga sessions that make a difference in our clients’ day.

• Serve our retail partners by being a reliable and smooth-running asset to their location, and a value added service for their customers. 

• Serve our practitioners by providing them with opportunities to practice their profession and build their practice for our mutual success.


Provide the very best quality chair massage & yoga, to benefit your health and well-being, lift your spirit, and leave you feeling refreshed.


A pioneer of chair massage, Shoshana Frumkin embodies a lifelong commitment to fostering health and well-being in the world. In the 1970s as a certified small-scale organic farmer herself, she worked to establish the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) standards that paved the way for state and federal laws that define organic agriculture today. She later joined a worker-owned-and-run natural food store, where she fostered small local growers and helped to launch companies like Odwalla.Within her nutrition consulting business, Shoshana expanded her practice to include massage in the 1980s, to get more hands-on with health. At just that time, the portable massage chair was invented.She established a first-of-its-kind chair massage practice at a San Francisco holistic health center, and began delivering corporate on-site massage to the Bay Area’s top companies. Her vision has never wavered, and today a large network of highly skilled therapists keep serving Bay Area companies with Shoshana’s vision — top quality chair massage and wellness, conveniently delivered to you.

Brian “Heart” Sroka is the CTO and business partner at Wellness on the Spot. He is trained in various modalities of massage, sound healing, yoga, high end spa management as well as photography and design. “Heart“ truly brings his passion and expertise to everything he engages in and his business partnership is no exception. On the Spot Massage and Wellness On the Spot have been blessed to have him as a partner and team member. “Heart” has gained the attention of several notable and progressive spas, artists, holistic health practitioners as well as his personal creative endeavors all with a focus on health, healing, social justice, arts and culture civil rights and economic empowerment. His vision to bring wellness to the masses with ease and style is rooted in implementing technology, aesthetics, and ease for practitioners, customers and vendors we work with.

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