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As we move towards Spring Equinox and we feel the season bursting with creativity, beauty, color, scent, sensuality – let us too be inspired!

Let us find our natural equilibrium at this time as well. Welcome the wisdom of the light and the dark in balance.

When you bring what is hidden in the sub/unconscious into consciousness it is an act of healing.

As we move towards Equinox we are being healed and we are healing the world by awakening to and cleaning up our own personal stuff.

Sounds so simple but indeed to bring awareness and movement to the parts of our bodymind that we have ignored or not been connected to, the healing happens. Long held experiences become digested, stagnant energy becomes activated. We dive deeper, unafraid of darkness and mystery. We open to the challenges of renewal. We grow stronger, more awake, more aware of how we are showing up in the world, what we bring to it, what our purpose is, how we affect others, and thereby the power that we have to make the world a better place.

We do the deeper magick by doing that with intention and aligned living.

Clean house, come into alignment, allow life force energy to flow the way that nature intended.

Connect to your integral structure, the way that we were built and intended to move. This is humbling and opens us up to the wisdom and strength of the universe.

Succumb to what you are.

Rise into all that you are meant to be.

Root energetically into all that makes up who you are, all that has happened to you, in the world, in your lifetime or in your awareness. This is your wisdom.

Be with what is. Using the strength and wisdom of our past enables us to grow, to blossom, to open to a brighter, better, more open and compassionate future.

There is brilliance in the design of these brains and bodies. We honor that brilliance when we take time to align ourselves with its nature.

▪ Spring clean the body with a reflective, integrated yoga practice.
▪ Use pranayama to clean the energy body. Take a hike and breath in your nose, the breath spirals down deeper. Smell the damp earth and the blossoming of spring.

*Clear your mind by listening bird song and bees humming.

Do you have allergies? I’ve got a remedy for that! I have been delightfully blessed by diving deeper into essential oil and aromatherapy studies these past few years. I have many clients and family members that have been able to kick their allergy and asthma medications by using pure, organic, pharmaceutical grade essential oils by an amazing company that I represent.

The essential oil blessings to my life have been countless for health, for cooking, for emotional support and for pure sensual bliss! Please contact me if you are interested, I love to share these gifts of the earth.

The immune system can also be bogged down from bad dietary habits. Our energy can feel heavy when the body is trying to cleanse or heal itself, especially without external support. Our waistlines can get thick with sugar, wheat, alcohol and the like. Many people are actually living with low levels of inflammation in their bodies all of the time. Inflammation has been sourced as the root of most chronic pains and diseases.

The turn of seasons and the warmer days call us to clean house inside and out! It is time to cleanse!

Written by: Lucid Dawn, Yoga Program Director

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