What are the benefits of working with Wellness On the Spot?

  • All of the business basics (advertising, marketing, site set-up, client development) are taken care of for you, so you can focus on giving great massages
  • You can focus on building a following of loyal regular customers for your rental shift
  • You have control of your schedule, and can have the flexibility of being on call as a substitute
  • You can build your personal full-session massage practice through the people you meet… all your referrals to private massage belong to you!
  • We pay competitive rates for providing chair massage at corporations and events

You can enjoy the flexibility, independence and stability of being part of a respected and established leader in chair massage!

What kind of experience and credentials do I need to be a Spotnik?

The basic requirements are:

  • California massage certification
  • Local massage permit (where required, depending on location)
  • Liability insurance of $1 million, with WOTS added as AIE
  • Reliable transportation, phone and computer access
  • Your own massage chair and consumable supplies for delivery jobs (our Relaxation Stations are already fully equipped)
  • A genuine love of people and chair massage, with a great chair-side manner
  • An entrepreneurial nature and passion to build your business
  • Professionalism, punctuality and reliability
  • An established massage practice is preferred but not required; many people use their chair massage shifts to jump-start their private practice

How does it work to be a Wellness On the Spot practitioner at a Drop-In Relaxation Station?

Spotniks are independent contractors, and rent a specific shift for a flat amount paid in advance. Our Relaxation Stations are fully equipped, so you don’t need to bring anything but your own business cards. Spotniks keep all the money earned during On the Spot shift. An added bonus is that you’re free to book private sessions with any customers you meet, which is a great way to build your personal practice.

How does it work to go to corporate sites for onsite chair massage delivery?

We let our Spotniks know of delivery jobs either by phone or via group email. If you are assigned to that job, we get back to you with all the necessary details. Corporate on-site customers schedule for a three-hour minimum, and can go up to six hours, sometimes longer. You arrive at the client’s location with your chair and supplies and set up in the designated place, and deliver great, relaxing massages to their people.

Once the job is complete, you invoice us for the agreed-upon hourly rate, and we pay you in our next pay cycle. You’re an independent contractor, not an employee, so there is no withholding, as you are responsible for your own taxes. Our delivery accounts belong to Wellness On the Spot, and you may not contract with them directly for chair massage services. You can, however, book private table massage clients who you meet while on assignment for us.

Can I just be on-call as a substitute?

You bet. We need qualified, responsible and flexible people who can substitute for practitioners who are ill or on vacation. Substitutes must meet the same standards as our regular contractors. Once you’re on our list of approved substitutes, any of our Spotniks can call you to fill in when they need you. Remember, they’ve already paid rent for their space for that day, and so they may ask you to cover that cost for them. It’s up to you to work it out with them. Substituting is how most of our practitioners begin working with us, while they wait for a regular shift to become available.

How do I apply?

If you think this is for you, you can apply online. If we’re actively adding to our list of contractors (which we usually are), we’ll call you back and set up a time for an audition. For the audition, you’ll be asked to bring a copy of your current certification and a copy of your active insurance.

You’ll give one of our staff a 20-minute chair massage (we supply the chair), and will be evaluated on your massage knowledge and skill, your customer service, and your professionalism and chair-side manner. The process takes about 90 minutes including the massage, interview and paperwork.

If you’re a fit with the Spotnik style, we’ll give you an answer on the spot, and you will be added to our approved list of massage practitioner contractors, and depending on availability, will be put on our list of substitutes, be on the roster for delivery services to corporate accounts, or be eligible to rent a shift at one of our Relaxation Stations.

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