What does our company need to provide to set up chair massage?

All you need is a small quiet space of at least 6’ by 8’ that’s away from foot traffic. We provide the rest; we’ll bring the chair and all the tools and skills to have you and your staff refreshed and relaxed, and ready to return to work at peak performance.

How many people need to participate?

There’s a three-hour minimum for on-site massage. We offer 10, 15 , 20. 25 or 30 minute massages, which means it takes at least six or up to to eighteen people to fill three hours..

How much does it cost?

The base rate is $80 per hour per practitioner, with a three hour minimum.  If you request a quote, we can give you the exact amount.

Does the company have to pay for it?

It’s entirely up to you. Most companies choose to pay the entire cost as a tax-deductible employee benefit, but others, for a variety of reasons, have employees pay for their own massage time.

What kinds of one-time events work for chair massage?

Chair massage is a welcome addition to all kinds of special events. We deliver to company parties, employee or customer appreciation days, outdoor picnics, trade shows, association meetings, athletic events, birthday parties, and wedding showers. We’ve even set up for customer appreciation days on the train!

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