Natural Migraine Headache Relief


I’ve been wearing glasses and getting migraines since at least 3rd grade.  My mother has had migraines for aslong as I can remember…
I am ready to be cured.
I’ve been practicing yoga for 23 years.
I’ve been teaching Yoga for (officially) for over 10 years, sharing the practice with friends and kids for over 13.
I’ve been studying neuroscience, cellular biology and energy healing in bits and pieces but with great
enthusiasm for 5 years.
It’s all coming together.
I’m almost entirely migraine free.
They come for brief visits at the end of my moon cycle, but less often, and are less in intensity and duration.
Oh, sweet relief.
Migraine headaches used to knock me (and dear mother) down for days. No matter what pain
relief I took. Sometimes even to the point of vomiting.  Now, I use yoga (physical, breath and meditation),
essential oils, and an attitude adjustment via mindful awareness practices.

It may be different for others, but I have also worked with many other people (especially women)
now who have been migraine sufferers, to help them find relief.  I see the familiar patterns that we all carry.
I now know how to dispel these patterns in myself and would like to offer my experience,
hopefully as a blessing to your relief.

First, the patterns;
– moon cycle /hormonal fluctuations, chemical imbalance
– Go getters, type A’s, mothers, high responsibility positions especially with;
– Tense/clenched jaw/ TMJ
– Shortness of breath, upper chest breath only
– Subconscious fears/ ideas around not being enough, not being good enough, not having
enough time/money/worthiness/ security or lack of security around financials, family, job.
With internal messages/ pressure of “gotta do/ gotta get/ need to be…”
– Tight/ rigid /frigid /reluctant sexuality
– Herpes Virus (also can come w/ sciatic like pain in legs), triggers; stress, low immunity,
hormonal imbalance, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dark chocolate, pistachios, peanuts, etc..
– Trigger foods, as commonly known; red wine, caffeine, sugar, smoked and aged things, night shades…(CHECK!)
– Head forward of shoulders posture (more relates to headache/ neck ache than migraine but
same muscles often are quite tense in both cases)
– Toxic environment
– dehydration!!!

The solutions;

– Be sure to avoid trigger foods especially around moon cycle

Be well nourished with lots of dark greens in diet, b vitamins, iron, magnesium, balance of
daily vitamins. Since I have begun using Purium products I have had even less incidence of
headaches trying to get me at the end of my moon cycle.

– Lysine is especially important in keeping the Herpes virus from arising. So is good nutrition
and restraining from alcohol, chocolate and caffeine, especially when immunity is low, such
as at the end of the moon cycle.

– Our moon time is calling the body to slow down, there is a natural weightiness and wane of
energy. Too often we do not allow ourselves the pause. Tension headaches are often due to
an internal tug of war. Allow yourself the pause. Men have a cycle too in which a time of
reflective pause, turning in and self care are needed, it may not be so obvious as there is no
blood flow, but nonetheless – biorhythms, we all have them…

Divya karana, relax the face, let your jaw hang, soften the tongue at its root, soften skin and
muscles around and behind the eyes

– Run the coldest water you can stand on the crown of your head, or use an ice pack where
tension is showing up.

Breath practices, there are many. I will list two here;
1. inhale through the nose, down the
front body, exhale up the spine and out the mouth. Really let the jaw hang. Sound can help
on the exhale, “aaah..”, or “Ng…”,
2. is what I call “unicorn breath”- breath in, imagine breath is coming in through 3rd eye center,
then imagine breathing up and out thru the crown of your head, all tension rising up and out
with the exhale, you might imagine this as a light cord or horn lifting you up.

Physical practices– yoga for clear alignment & biomechanics, gentle pressure to forehead
and crown of head, neck /jaw/shoulder releases, yin & restoratives…
(see practice video @ )

Mantra – any Japa or repeated mantra can clear the mind which can be helpful. Most of all I
find vibration helpful. Brahmari/ bees breath is great. Make the sound of “Ng” like the end of
the Om. Extend it for the whole length of long slow exhales, send the sound up into 3rd eye
center, into the pineal gland, add to this effect by gently turning eyes towards eyebrow center
and bring tongue lightly to the highest point in the mouth (this also helps to release the jaw)

Meditation – just allow yourself to sit and BE, magick happens. It’s a practice. Don’t try to do
it “right”, just be..

Energy medicine for re-patterning subconscious – notice the default state of your mind.
Notice the underlying thoughts and feelings. Would you choose these? What would you
choose? Make it a practice to repeat that I AM often. Please contact me if you would like to
schedule a session to do some re-patterning with the Lifeline Technique.

Masturbation/ orgasm. Yup, it’s ok. It’s healthy, even. The need to release and transmute
energy on all levels is real.

Trust life. Trust life. Trust life. Everything is working in a cycle. Receive and let go. Control
is an illusion. The tension in jaw, head and shoulders is often the result of trying to control our

Essential oils are magickal concentrated distillation of pure earth medicine. There are many
that can relieve emotional and physical stress and tension. DoTerra makes a great blend
called “Past Tense” among an abundance of others. I love to share the plant medicine.
Contact me if you have questions or want to order, I’m happy to help.

Detox, cleanse, and nutritional supplements… crucial complements to life! If we do not detox
ourselves once in a while on purpose, then nature will do it for us through pain and sickness.
We can avoid the big sicknesses by attending to the little ones with healthy practices.
Drink more water!

Reach out for help if you are having trouble balancing your life. We’ve all been there at one point,
I’ve been there at many. Finally thanks to years of Yoga and health study I am balanced and
healthy most all of the time. So grateful. Happy to be your consultant on this. It is time for
me to give back.

Blessed be. I bow to you in honor of your beautyfull spirit. Thank you for walking this path that
we walk together. Namaste.

Written by Yoga Program Director – Lucid Dawn


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