YOU Are a Powerful Artist! You know how to move energy!

Self Care

Life is art.

Harness the energy of the universe and channel it for a particular need, cause or simply the highest good for all.   Feel whole, complete, grateful.  It is our natural state.  All conditioning that doesn’t serve the highest good will fall away with patience and persistence.

The greatest tool is to learn how to move energy. How can you move energy?  How can you transform a mood or energy state, or spark creative juices?  This is the art part of yoga & life.
Here are the top 10 ways (not in particular order) that occur to me;

1.  Step back from an emotion or situation and see what energy is present, what  cause or purpose something has arisen for.  Notice;
-What needs to be felt?,   What story is attached to that?
-Can we release the story or does someone need to be recognized or apologized to (seen, forgiven, appreciated), even if it is yourself.  If there is emotional heat, take pause encountering another until you move with some of the processes below;
-Now can we dive in to just the energy or feeling that is there?
-Where in the body is it?
-What color is it, what shape?  Does it have movement, ?  Does it have sound?
-Does it move or change as you recognize or express these things?
Listen in, feel in..
-Does it have a message?

2. .Breathe.
You can simply breathe deeper, fuller.  Breathe out fiercely.. Lions breath!  Slowly extend the exhale to calm down..  Breath in deeper, faster to wake energy up!
The breath changes physiology.

3. Make some noise!  Try long deep tones.. Aaaahhhh.. Eh, Oh, EE , Uu, Ng.. feel into where they vibrate in the body.. Soon you are nothing but a puddle of vibration and you realize all else is construct.
Try chanting/ japa (repetition) or singing… ‘Om’ is good, just ‘ah’ is good, ‘OM mane padme hum’ (the jewel in the lotus), ‘om hrim’ (being, becoming), ‘one’, ‘love’, ‘so ham’/ ‘I am’, ‘i am all light’, ‘all love …’,
‘Row row row your boat…’
‘Let it be’
Make up your own can’t get it wrong.

4. Move!  Move the body to move the energy!
Shake it out, shake it off!  All animals do it!  Move like any of nature!
Take some yoga shapes.. Hold down dog, cat/ cow with breath, take any forward fold shape and breathe the arising sensations..look at the world upside down, change your perspective on things.  Flow in and out of lunges…Fly your arms with your breath… dance!

5.  Peel away some layers!  Take off restrictive clothing, go naked! Or put on something that invokes a desired feeling or aspect of character for you.

6. Share some physical love & sex magic with yourself.  Give yourself massage, even masturbate.  Its ok.  Give yourself the love you would want from another.  With intention, move the energy.. Bring it to your heart and then up and out thru your head…

7. Investigate the voices!  Be an actor.. You are.  We all are.  We are ALL ONE consciousness acting as an individual expressions to see what it is like, so do this for yourself consciously and play!  Who is that mean voice in your head?  Who is the sweet nurturing voice that maybe you can barely hear?  Act it out, turn them up!  Play the role of the one who says “Yes!” and celebrates! Play the role of the doubter.  Go to extremes. How far can you go?  Let it get silly, let the truth of the situation be revealed through absurdity…

8. Draw, paint, write.  Let it flow.  Do not try to make a masterpiece, only feel how things can move thru you into another form.

9.  Pray.  Pray to God, goddess, trees, sun, moon, rain clouds, great spirit, creator, great mystery, source.. Whatever is inspired…  Give this energy up.  Ask that It be taken, transmuted, and that you receive/ listen.   Ask for faith that you are on the right path, give thanks.

10.  Get quiet after or during any of these.  Listen, feel for the Pratibha.  Pratibha is a lovely Sanskrit word that simultaneously means; animal instinct, intuitive insight, and creative impulse.  When we are quiet and connected, we can feel where the life flow wants to take us next, what the next move or most beneficial choice is.

You are powerful. You know how to move energy.  You can change things.  You know how to do this for yourself.  Once you allow this self care and innate power to flow, then it gets easier and easier.  Soon you can do this easily with those around you as well.  Take care of yourself first.

Share your list and process with someone and call them when you need support. Ask them to do these things with you, to remind you of what worked last time, or to remind you of how powerful you are.  This is love.  Love is singing the song of someone’s heart when they have forgotten.

There are many ways of course to move energy.  Many arts, religions, spiritual & physical practices are based on just this.  You may even have your own special ways like gardening or hiking or anything!… I am just sharing what I know best and what I am qualified by way of training and extensive practice to teach, lead, and directly inspire with.  Id love to hear what works for you as well. We could get a great conversation going here.

Written by Yoga Program Director – Lucid Dawn

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