More than ever, mindfulness practices are necessary in this time and the environments in which we work.

Mindfulness returns us to a spacious state of mind, where we can still track all of the things that need to be in order but also are vitally more AWARE of what is happening with our muscles, posture, breath, etc… The things that when relaxed and at ease, allow the nervous system to be in a state of growth and healing.  It is in these states that the natural creative flow of our being can arise.
We need the pause, We need creativity to expand beyond where we are now…
There are many mindful practices to gain this state of clarity.  The goal of them all is present time awareness, allowing ourselves to BE with what is and to sense the KNOWING that is beyond words and busy-ness.  The answers to many problems come in this open space.

Let us help you cultivate this space.

Service Descriptions:

  • MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION – Classes in MBSR include breath and awareness practices that embrace the whole of the bodymind and all connections.  Stress is largely caused by our mind/thoughts being elsewhere than with what is happening moment to moment and/or wanting things to be different than they are. When we practice mindfulness we naturally become aware of the tension that this causes in the bodymind. With mindfulness, we learn how to dissolve that. We are able to take life as it comes, moment to moment with ease and grace. This ease gives us more access to our problem solving and creative minds rather than the fight/flight tendencies that arise in a stressed bodymind.  Attention to posture and gentle movements to release habitual holds will also be practiced.
  • ONE TIME CLASSES – TOUCHING BASICS – In a one hour session we will practice awareness of the body mind, breath and different meditation techniques that ultimately make mindfulness more easily available to us throughout our days.  Longer sessions that dive deeper into more & longer practices and the physiology of what is happening are also available.
  • ONGOING CLASSES – instilling practices into corporate culture – daily, weekly, or monthly practice sessions are offered to build on current knowledge, skills, and practices.  This builds a healthy and mindful corporate culture of ease and gives a common vocabulary and reference to working from a place of open awareness where problem solving, clear communication, and creativity are more easily accessible.
  • MINDFULNESS IN MOVEMENT – In chair – In this class we bring even more mindfulness into the time we sit at a desk, our posture there, the habits that unconsciously build tension at the desk, and easy practices to use while working at the desk to unwind tension in the head, neck, shoulders, and lower back

All Mindfulness Services are billed at $135/hour for privates and $165/hour for groups

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