Mindfulness is the practice of intentional non-judgmental awareness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of being present, measured, aware and non-judgmental. It is a focus and integration practice to relieve stress, gain clarity, and cultivate creativity. Steve Jobs called mindfulness a ‘brain hack’, our mindfulness program touches on the confluence of cross-cultural philosophy, psychology, medical anthropology and has both health, social and creative benefits. An especially hot topic in business, the practice can be very simple; finding a fitting teacher can make a world of difference. As with anything, practice makes progress; consistent practice is required to accrue long-term benefits. Even after one session, you and/or your team will take away simple coping and enhancement techniques making you more present to what is, which you can utilize on your own or with your team.


How do you do it?

Set aside some time; Find a comfortable place, and focus on an experience. Easier said than done, by focusing differently, we are able to feel and begin to function better than well. The guidance of a teacher can provide personalized support, bring fresh perspective and can add new skills whether or not you have an already existing mindfulness practice.


Why corporate mindfulness?

Businesses understand the benefits of a mindful company culture. The World Health Organization reports that depression is the leading cause of illness and disability in the world and that “every US $1 invested in scaling up treatment for depression and anxiety leads to a return of US $4 in better health and ability to work”. While a mindfulness practice is not a panacea; empathy, intelligence, clarity, creativity and resilience can be developed by simply observing the senses, environment and consciousness leading to greater productivity and happiness in the workplace. Leaders are designing meditation and mindfulness into schedules, dedicating spaces and building programs to enhance wellbeing and benefit their mission, employees and the bottom line. Using what Steve Jobs called “mind technology”, corporations are shepherding a shift in culture to empower a more healthy, focused, relaxed, and artistic approach to problem-solving through mindfulness. At Wellness On The Spot, we offer mindfulness coaching integrated from lineages and theories around the world.

Service descriptions:
Our knowledgeable teachers will guide you through a seated journey referencing meditations, medical anthropology, positive psychology, sociology and embodiment practices. Become present, calm the mind, and enjoy the moment – Take the lessons of a mindfulness practice with you!
  • Individuals and teams – Our program works for any size group.*
  • One-time session or series – Check out our different offerings
  • Happiness coaching – Happiness is the way. Learn tested tips and tricks that actually work! This is either an one-hour playshop or half-day experience.
  • Individualized programming – We’re excited to customize the perfect mindfulness practice for your needs. Get in touch for a coaching session to get started.
*For classes of more than 9, please provide your own meditation pillows. If you’ve purchased a 3-month series, we offer the option of pillows being provided for you!
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