Corporate success starts with individuals. Individual joy and creativity start with Yoga.

Yoga is a catalyst for more Individual creativity, flexibility, increased stamina and joy at work.

Yoga is a state of mind that makes potentially stressful situations easier to deal with. It is mindful awareness of the breath, postural alignment and patterns of thought. With the tools of yoga people have easier access to; more energy, being at ease and healthful in the body, a clearer view of the ‘big picture’, a pause before reacting, deeper intuition and more creative thought. It’s deeply rewarding to feel this way and to work in a team that shares these qualities.

The benefits of yoga are numerous:

Increase wellness and efficiency

Can be done in a chair at a desk or meeting

The practice deepens this potential in the workplace

Calmer nervous system

More responsive immune system

Clearer decision making

Order a Yoga class and gain more flexibility, calmness and productivity … you’ll FEEL the difference!

Yoga Office Wellness Corporate Chair Massage

Service Descriptions:

  • YOGA @ YOUR PLACE – Private 
    Each person is unique. That’s why we offer you a great opportunity to start your own personalized practice created by our experienced and caring Yoga instructors.
    You’ll feel how effective your practice can be when it addresses your individual health and wellness issues, injuries, chronic pain, and stress as well as postural and energetic yoga at the desk. We’ll develop a traditional mat practice and a personal sequence, which will be written or drawn, so you can begin to build and maintain a practice on your own.
    We’ll come to you and bring props if you do not have your own. We can also help you get suitable props if needed.
  • YOGA @ YOUR PLACE – Group
    Doing Yoga together encourages participation, increases motivation and inspires fun in the team. This group practice of physical asana, breath, mindful awareness and meditation has variations and modifications for all levels of practice. Connect through the sessions and explore their benefits for general health, wellness stress management and the atmosphere of the work environment.
    We will move systematically through basic forms and offer challenges for more advanced practitioners. Desk yoga and deep guided relaxation are also included in the series. All injuries and medical issues will also be considered.
    We suggest an 8 week rotating series. One time special event yoga for health fairs, group bonding and such is also available.
    Ever feel stuck with the same ideas and a lack of inspiration? Enjoy this playful practice specifically tailored to ignite thinking outside the box and create openness in a group to allow new ideas to arise. Theatre games, mindfulness meditation, and guided visualization make the session deep and joyous. The needs of each group and their goals are uniquely considered and catered to.
    These are the ice breakers, interactive playful yoga movement and theatrical exercises to quickly bond and gel a group that needs to be comfortable and effective together. It also helps to break up the sitting and listening heaviness that can happen with long hours or days of meetings.
    Being a great leader takes a lot of energy, wisdom and mindfulness. Learn embodied alignment practices for power with grace. Explore yogic concepts and practices with accompanying somatic exercises to help remember and live in alignment with your highest self and ideals. Lead and interact with care and wisdom. Make work a place of clarity and ease.
    Offered as 3 hour introductory workshop, day long workshop, or in depth 11 hour workshop over two days.

All Yoga Services are billed at $135/hour for privates and $165/hour for groups

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