Corporate success starts with individuals.

Individual joy and creativity start with Yoga.

The benefits of yoga are numerous. Bringing the practice and philosophies of yoga into the workplace has proven to greatly increase wellness and efficiency. Yoga does not necessarily mean mats and tight outfits and sweat. Yoga can be done in a chair at a desk or meeting, quietly on ones own, or interactively to bond and stimulate a group meeting or conference.

Yoga is a state of mind that makes potentially stressful situations easier to deal with. It is mindful awareness of the breath, postural alignment and patterns of thought. With the tools of yoga people have easier access to; more energy, being at ease and healthful in the body, a clearer view of the ‘big picture’, a pause before reacting, deeper intuition and more creative thought. It’s deeply rewarding to feel this way and to work in a team that shares these qualities.

Yoga literally means “to connect” and “to go where one has not gone before”(or to be with each moment anew). The practice deepens this potential in the workplace. There are countless studies that enumerate the physiological benefits especially regarding deeper breathing and therefore a calmer nervous system, more responsive immune system, and clearer decision making. It has also been proven to reduce violence and dissension in schools and other community arenas.

Do you want your staff to become more familiar with Yoga and your own joyful and efficient self? We’ll come to you!

All of our practitioners are independent contractors. This is at the heart of our mutual success and growth, allowing practitioners to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

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